What Are The Basics Of Ranking A Website In Google For Real Estate?

The Search Engine Optimization is one of the fundamentals and essentials, which is to be done to get the best organic ranking in Google. There are many different kinds of basic rules which are to be checked for while planning to make your website go viral.

Here come, the basics which you must keep in your mind and which you must really follow if you wish to get the best ranking for your website. If you’re a business operating in Brisbane, Australia and you’re looking to rank, this by reading this article in further, you will definitely be able to have a clear overview about the stuff which you may make some errors and you can save yourselves from those. However if you’re looking for a SEO in Brisbane you can also speak to the experts here: Websites That Sell

Basic Rules which are to be known regarding SEO:

The Search Engine Optimization is the one which will help you out largely in taking your business website to the next level. There are certain basic essential rules which you must really know. Without knowing the basics you will never be able to achieve success.

As mentioned here before, there are certain things present which are to be followed. Following are the basics of ranking a website in Google.

  • Make sure that your website has all the relevant details which are quite unique, fresh and true.
  • Your site must be able to make a proper communication with the search engines. Only by then the search engines will suggest your site for making some relevant searches.
  • All kinds of search engines want the best ever results as possible. Only by then they will be able to have some frequent searchers.
  • There are certain factors present which you must be focused on.
  • Quality of the Content
  • Performance Rate
  • Experience
  • If your website satisfies the above-mentioned 3 factors, then you will be able to get the best ranking as easy and effective as possible.
  • Likewise, there is certain stuff which the search engines do not like.
  • overusing the keywords without limits
  • Purchasing the links for cost
  • Letting too many ads to pop-up on your page
  • You must start thinking about doing the Multi-channel Optimization which will give you the best kinds of results.
  • Make sure that you are not changing your Domain names often. Ensure that you are really consistent with them. It is the overall base, the foundation of everything which you have built so far.
  • Maintaining the old domains is one of the best ways present to be safe and secured. But do have a background check before proceeding to buy an old domain name.
  • Ensure that you are focusing on your metadata also. Make sure that your meta-description is different and quite unique from others. Also, check for your title tags too.

Final Verdict:

From the above-mentioned facts, the common thing which you must understand is that you should check for all the criteria before proceeding further.

By having all the basic rules checked, you will be able to take your website as higher as possible. All you have to keep in your mind is to maintain your website up to date.

Who are the three best real estate course and training companies in Brisbane

Real estate is among the highest paying ventures we have today. But as much as you do not need to have a bachelor degree for you to be successful in the career, having a real estate education is a key determinant in real estate success. There are a number of institutions that offer real estate education in Brisbane. So is the best option for real esate courses around Brisbane:

Complete Property Training

The real estate institution offers licencing courses in real estates in Brisbane. The professionals will ensure that you maximize your real estate education by spending a little time in class as possible. You will also be in a position to learn the top tricks to help you succeed in real estates. Depending on the type of course you want to undertake, it is important for participants to have a licence. This is among the requirements that permit a person to engage in real estate dealings. People who have successfully gone through the entry level courses advance to a more comprehensive course in real estate licencing. The reason why most realtors decide to go through the course is for them to work as independent contractors. Compete Property Training is among the leading institutions that offer real estate courses within Brisbane and has offers courses in a number of centres. What makes CPT unique is that they combine all the core study units together and remove any duplicated units making the course duration shorter.

Validum Institute

The institution offers real estate licencing courses for those who want to become real estate salespeople. Validum Institute is in a position to offer students affordable, flexible and customized approach to make your learning as simple as possible. To start out as a realtor in Australia, the first process involves registration to be eligible for real estate transactions. To achieve this, a real estate training course has to be completed first. Validum Institute offers licencing programs and support the participants to ensure that they successfully finish the course. They also have real estate professionals who can offer guidance on how to be successful in your real estate careers and some of the major pitfalls to avoid.

Real estate academy Australia

It is also among Australia’s leading institutions that offer real estate education. They help students successfully go through real estate courses and ensure they gather relevant knowledge to help them in the real estate career. Their trainings are also up to date delivered by the modern professionals in real estates. Students who graduate with a certification in real estate from the Real Estate Academy Australia are usually regarded as the best in the whole of Australia.

Having a background knowledge in real estate is important in ensuring that your career turns out successful. To achieve this, it is important to study and get a licence from the most reputable institutions in Australia. This will help you gather massive knowledge to guarantee you success in all your real estate dealings.

How to choose a good building supplier in Sydney for your real estate ventures

Among the most important decisions that you need to arrive at when building your home are the type of materials to use. This is basically what will make the building last for longer periods without too much furnishing required. The materials you decide to use will also determine the general outlook of your construction. There are a wide variety of materials you will find in the market which range from the quality, cost and preferences of the buyer. Choosing a great sydney building supplies company will make all the different in your Project


This is among the most important consideration when looking for building materials suppliers. As much as you may want to use materials of the highest quality, you also would not want to spend too much to leave you with limited cash for completing the project. It is therefore important to allocate a budget for every building material you purchase so that you can be sure that the money is spent wisely. There is also a rule that when it comes to construction materials, do not always focus on cheap. Actually, cheap is expensive and you may end up incurring even more in future if you use cheap products tin your building foundation and finishes.it is therefore important that you select the building materials that are both long lasting and cost effective.


How long can the materials last? You wouldn’t want to pay on something that will require the building to be frequently maintained. There are materials that last longer and are more resistant to decay and bad weather conditions. At the same time, you can also find materials that wear out quickly. It is therefore important to take your time and analyze the best materials that will make your building both attractive and appealing.


The supplier you choose also plays a big role in the type of building material you will use. You therefore need to take your time and look for the best supplier who will not only focus on quality but timely delivery of the materials. They should also be in a position to advice you on the best products to use in your construction services. Besides, they should also have a variety of materials so that you do not face issues of running from one store to another to look for certain building construction materials.


This is also among the things you should focus on when it comes to selecting the type of materials for your construction. If you use some readily available materials, you will not spend too much time waiting for them to be delivered and the whole project will be completed within limited time. But there are also other materials you can select that you have to wait for them to be delivered from up countries or other locations. This will slow down your construction process. As much as you may want to use the materials that suit your preferences, always focus on how readily available they are. You should also consider the time taken for them to reach your building site

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent In NorthLakes

Buying or selling a home is a complicated process. This is the reason why one has to be careful about which real estate agents in North Lakes it is he will choose to seek the services of. He needs to be sure that he will have the right people extend their services to him. So, getting a good idea of the specific things that he needs to take into account before he will decide to enlist the help of any real estate agent is important.

You need somebody who happens to have some local and insider information about the property and the setting. You definitely need to find somebody who has a good idea of the kind of properties in your area and will have a good network of the kinds of people that may be interested in it as well. You need one with a very good insight to you neighbourhood so you can trust that the details that he will provide are indeed going to be most helpful at getting the house sold or bought expeditiously.

The best real estate agent is one with the right connections. He needs to have a board network of potential sellers as well as potential buyers. He needs to have a good relationship with other agents too. They need to have a team of experts that have been properly vetted that are usually needed to complete buying and selling transactions such as contractors, designers, handymen, as well as architects that are often quite useful in helping clients with their renovation and home improvement needs, for small fixes, as well as for designing their homes.

A good sign that you are looking for a reliable agent is when he is a commutative one. He makes it a point to inform you of what is going on. He takes the time to really tell you everything that you need to know about how things are progressing so far. Communication lines are open and he makes it a point to let you be the first one to know if and when there are updates pertaining to the transaction that he is doing for you.

He is a good negotiator. He understands how important it is that you are getting the best out of the property that you are getting and will see to it that you are not ripped off of a good deal. He makes it a point to ensure that every transaction’s details are looked into closely to account for every penny that is going to be spent. Good agents are upfront and will not leave you guessing.

He has the credentials. You need to find somebody how has the papers to prove to you that he is indeed the right person for the job. You need to be sure that you are looking at somebody who is very capable of what he is expected to do. So, taking the time to really check if he is licensed, insured, and has basically met all the credentials that your state requires is crucial so you are confident that this is one capable and legitimate agent that you are doing business with.


Check out these Real Estate Market images:

Real Estate Market
Image by Rodrigo_Soldon
Monte-Carlo (en monégasque Monte-Carlu) est l’un des onze quartiers de la cité-État de la principauté de Monaco. C’est le plus connu, avec son célèbre casino.

Monte-Carlo (le « Mont-Charles ») porte ce nom italien en l’honneur du prince Charles III de Monaco et ce depuis le 1er juillet 1866.

Ce nom a été adapté en monégasque : Monte-Carlu [ˌmõteˈkaʀlu]. Cette appellation récente sonnant particulièrement bien a été donnée au lieu-dit les Spélugues (à comprendre les « Grottes » ; en monégasque Ë Speřüghe, du roman commun et au singulier *speluca, correspondant au latin classique spelunca lui-même issu du grec ‘σπήλαιον’=’spèlaion’ signifiant grotte) après son urbanisation (Casino) : ne disait-on pas que l’ancien nom portait malchance puisqu’en allemand Spelunke (pluriel Spelunken) malgré son étymologie identique, désigne un « établissement douteux ».

Ce sont les règles typographiques relatives aux toponymes en usage à l’Imprimerie nationale qui imposent d’écrire Monte-Carlo avec un trait d’union. Il existe une commune italienne graphiée Montecarlo située dans la province de Lucques en Italie ; ses habitants sont les montecarlesi.

On prononce généralement« Monté-Carlo », mais certains disent « Monté-Carl’ ». On n’utilise pas d’autre gentilé que Monégasques pour les habitants de Monte-Carlo.

Monte-Carlo est le quartier le plus célèbre de Monaco, au point d’être parfois confondu avec le pays entier, ou considéré — à tort — comme sa capitale. Les plaques automobiles de la Principauté portent la mention "MC" rappelant Monte Carlo alors qu’il s’agit d’une abréviation de Monaco. RMC (Radio Monte-Carlo) porte le nom du quartier et non celui du pays. Pour les courses automobiles, il y a le Grand Prix automobile de Monaco et le Rallye automobile Monte-Carlo.

Le développement de Monte-Carlo entraîna la création d’une véritable « banlieue » en territoire français qui devint une commune sous le nom de Beausoleil en 1904 et que l’on avait d’abord pensé appeler Monte-Carlo supérieur.

En 1856, le Prince de Monaco, pour créer des ressources, autorise l’ouverture d’un casino. Après une première installation infructueuse dans le Monaco historique (Munegu Autu – Monaco Ville), en 1862, on élève à Monte-Carlo, pour les jeux, une humble bâtisse (inaugurée en 1863) qui reste isolée, nul ne voulant acheter aux alentours un terrain avec obligation de construire. Mais tout va changer quand François Blanc, le directeur du casino de Bad Homburg, ville d’eau hessoise (située dans l’État de Hesse-Hombourg) devient concessionnaire. Grâce à ses talents et à ses capitaux, il réussit là où ses prédécesseurs s’étaient ruinés : en peu d’années, la vogue est acquise et une ville couvre bientôt le plateau de ses constructions de luxe.

En 1911, la constitution monégasque divisa la principauté en trois communes, la Commune de Monte-Carlo fut ainsi créée couvrant également les actuels quartiers de La Rousse/Saint Roman, Larvotto/Bas Moulins et Saint Michel. En 1917, on revint à une commune unique pour toute la principauté.
Monte Carlo é um dos 11 bairros de Mónaco. Conhecida estância luxuosa, conhecida pelo seu glamour, celebridades que enxameiam as revistas cor de rosa, praias e casinos.

É aí que se situa o Circuito do Mónaco, onde decorre o Grande Prémio do Mónaco de Fórmula 1. É palco, ainda, de competições de boxe, apresentações de moda e outros eventos de grande repercussão cultural.

Em uma pesquisa realizada em 2009 pelo Global Property Guide ("Word´s Most Expensives Residential Real Estate Markets 2009"), os imóveis em Monte Carlo foram considerados os mais caros do mundo, com o metro quadrado custando 47.578 dólares, mais que o dobro da segunda colocada, Moscou

Monte Carlo (French: Monte-Carlo, Occitan: Montcarles, Monégasque: Monte-Carlu) is one of Monaco’s administrative areas.The official capital is the city of Monaco, which is coterminous with the country itself.
Monte Carlo is widely known for its casino. The permanent population is about 3,000. Monte Carlo quarter includes not only Monte Carlo proper where the Le Grand Casino is located, it also includes the neighbourhoods of Saint-Michel, Saint-Roman/Tenao, and the beach community of Larvotto. It borders the French town of Beausoleil (sometimes referred to as Monte-Carlo-Supérieur).

Founded in 1866, Monte Carlo has a name of Italian origin meaning "Mount Charles", in honor of the then-reigning prince, Charles III of Monaco. The specific mountain is the escarpment at the foot of the Maritime Alps on which the town stands.

The history of the area and the ruling Grimaldi family, however, dates back centuries. The port of Monaco is first mentioned in historical records as early as 43 BC, when Julius Caesar concentrated his fleet there while waiting in vain for Pompey. In the 12th century, the area fell under the sovereignty of Genoa, which was granted the entire coastline from Porto Venere to Monaco. After much conflict, the Grimaldis regained the rock in 1295, but suffered a significant amount of opposition in the ensuing years. In 1506 the Monegasques, under Lucien, Lord of Monaco, were under siege for some four months by the Genoan army, which had ten times the number of men. Monaco officially received full autonomy in 1524, but experienced difficulty retaining power, and on occasions briefly fell under the domination of Spain, Sardinia, and France.

By the 1850s, Monaco’s reigning family was almost bankrupt; this was a result of the loss of two towns, Menton and Roquebrune, which had provided most of the principality’s revenues with their lemon, orange and olive crops.[3] At the time, a number of small towns in Europe were growing prosperous from the establishment of casinos, notably in German towns such as Baden-Baden and Homburg[disambiguation needed]. In 1856, Charles III of Monaco granted a concession to Napoleon Langlois and Albert Aubert to establish a sea-bathing facility for the treatment of various diseases, and to build a German-style casino in Monaco.[3] The initial casino was opened in La Condamine in 1862, but was not a success; its present location in the area called "Les Spelugues" (The Caves) of Monte Carlo, came only after several relocations in the years that followed. The success of the casino grew slowly, largely due to the area’s inaccessibility from much of Europe. The installation of the railway in 1868, however, brought with it an influx of people into Monte Carlo and saw it grow in wealth.[3]

In 1911, when the Constitution divided the principality of Monaco in 3 municipalities, the municipality of Monte Carlo was created covering the existing neighborhoods of La Rousse / Saint Roman, Larvotto / Bas Moulins and Saint Michel. The municipalities were merged into one in 1917, after accusations that the government was acting according to the motto "divide and conquer" and they were accorded the status of wards (quartiers) thereafter. Today, Monaco is divided into 10 wards, with an eleventh ward planned (but currently postponed) to encompass land reclaimed from the sea (see the "Administrative Divisions" section of Monaco for additional details).

The quarter of Monte Carlo was served by tramways from 1900 to 1953, linking all parts of Monaco. In 2003, a new cruise ship pier was completed in the harbour at Monte Carlo.

Reynold’s Drive-in ~ Ticket Booth ~ Transfer, PA ~ USA
Real Estate Market
Image by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
A drive-in theater is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand and a large parking area for automobiles. Within this enclosed area, customers can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars.
The drive-in theater was the creation of Camden, New Jersey, chemical company magnate Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr., whose family owned and operated the R.M. Hollingshead Corporation chemical plant in Camden. In 1932, Hollingshead conducted outdoor theater tests .
Over time, the economics of real estate made the large property areas increasingly expensive for drive-ins to operate successfully. Land became far too valuable for businesses such as drive-ins, which in most cases were summer-only.
Many drive-in movie sites remain, repurposed as storage or flea markets site

The Insider Secrets For Best Investment Ever and Where to Buy a Mini Bar Fridge Exposed

Learn more about Frozen Napoleon on Google+

A mini fridge is one of the best investments you could ever make. The mini size itself makes them easily usable for any part of the house you want them in. Furthermore, they are a great substitute if you are not in need of large refrigeration needs. It would definitely beat logic for you to have a large fridge and all you have are a few items in it. As such, you can see how economical on space and appropriate they are.

If you do decide to invest your money in one, it would be important that you have a few guidelines on how to go about it. The following are some simple all round tips to help you out:


There are several types of mini fridges out there to choose from. Before you go buying one, you need to know exactly the needs you intend it to meet. In this case, be on the lookout for mini fridges labelled as either thermoelectric or as superconductor. These are fridge versions that specialise in keeping the temperatures cool and not beyond that. They are not suitable for use with perishable foodstuffs such as meat. Therefore, first know what you are going to use the fridge for so that you know which versions suite your purpose.


This is for those that are students in learning institutions. Mini fridges are a student favourite for obvious reasons. You can’t go buying a mega fridge for your dorm obviously. However, before investing in a mini fridge, you need to check for regulations with the campus to ensure that they are acceptable.

Buy the largest you can afford

The insulation on the mini fridges is not as efficient as that on large refrigerators. The small size makes the insulation smaller and less effective. As such, you should ensure that you get the largest mini fridge you can afford. This will not only provide you with more space, but also they are bound to be more energy efficient.

Go for glass shelves

There are two ways to go for when it comes to shelve types. You can either have wire rack or glass shelves. The best here is definitely the glass shelves. This is because they are solid and as such can hold all kinds of items with ease. Furthermore, they are helpful when it comes to managing spills. Also, you need to have a preview of the items that you might place in the fridge. This will help you choose an interior design that is perfectly fitting for your items.

Where to buy one

Now that you know how to find the best mini fridge for all your needs, all you need to do now is find out where to buy a mini bar fridge The first place to look obviously is the internet. There are tons of online businesses that sell mini fridges. Review the ones that you have in mind before purchase. On the other hand, you can easily locate a fridge store around. The paramount idea is to find out all the information you can before making any purchase. Look out for reviews and even for ratings.

Real Estate Wealth Expo Chicago

Real Estate Wealth Expo Chicago
Event on 2017-04-02 08:00:00


Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best selling author, philanthropist, and the nations #1 Life and Business Strategist. Tony has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs. He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars. SeeTonyRobbins.com

As a philanthropist, Tony Robbins has personally provided 60 million meals to people in the USA, and matched funds to feed 100 million in 2015 alone through his partnership from Feeding America.

We’ve got an all-star celebrity lineup LIVE to give you their secrets on making money and we want you to join us!

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How to close your first deal in 30 days working part time. For beginner and experienced investors.
How to build a thriving Internet business.
Discover how to make 0,000+ a year from foreclosures.
Uncover hidden Tax Lien properties for quick flips or long term monthly income.
Get pre-approved for up to 0,000 – no credit.
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Getting RICH is FUN!


This exciting Expo will show you 100’s of WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FAST.

Some of the Money Making Secrets to be revealed:

Everyone Who Attends Will Receive FREE:

You'll be given all the tools, systems & funding to make money in Real Estate in the Chicago area.

Certificate of Real Estate Investing*
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Educational CD: Finding, Fixing & Flipping Houses*
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Plus FREE Raffles
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Microsoft® Surface Pro
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at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 North River Road
Des Plaines, United States

Free Rich Dad Education Real Estate Workshops Coming to Rio Rancho March 3rd

Free Rich Dad Education Real Estate Workshops Coming to Rio Rancho March 3rd
Event on 2017-03-03 12:30:00
Are you tired of working harder but not getting ahead? Then you need to attend a free Real Estate Workshop sponsored by Rich Dad Education.

Based on the teachings of the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, here’s what we plan to cover at the workshop:
-The benefits of real estate investing
-Ways to fund your investments using other people’s money
-Strategies to create long-lasting cash flow from real estate
-And more!

In today's real estate market there are tremendous opportunities for the savvy investor. Rich Dad Education's Free Real Estate Investing Workshop can give you leading-edge strategies to find, fund, and finalize lucrative deals in every area of the country – once you know where to look.

Following are the dates and locations for the upcoming Albuquerque area Workshops:
Friday, March 3rd, 2017
The Hilton Garden Inn Albuquerque North/Rio Rancho
1771 Rio Rancho Blvd SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
12:30 PM- 2:30 PM
6:00 PM- 8:00 PM

FREE Gifts Just for Attending!
In addition to all the potentially life-changing information you will receive at the workshop, every attendee will also get a FREE House Flipping Toolkit and Rehab Checklist as gifts.

House Flipping Toolkit is a useful 4-in-1 tool combining a metal self-locking tape measure, level, notepad and pen. It is a multi-purpose tool that will come in handy during your house flipping field trips.
Rehab Checklist is a valuable resource you can use on your field inspections. It provides a list of key items to evaluate as you tour various properties, including areas requiring repair, cleaning or replacement.
But, we’re not done yet! You will also receive online access to Shooting the Sacred Cows of Money, an eye-opening documentary on financial education hosted by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.

Discover why you must start playing by the new rules of money in order to win in today’s economy. Plus! Receive additional free online financial education resources.
The rich don’t work for money. They make money work for them. Discover strategies to help you get started in real estate investing. Register now for the free event by calling 800-473-9215 or visiting http://richdadeducation.com/us/FreeWorkshop/Register/?Mid=1-3M0O&aid=niche&tc=EF0317ABQ

What Others Are Saying About Rich Dad Workshops:
“…Eye opening and life-changing experience.”
-Stephen S., South Sioux City, NE
The knowledge is so valuable…”
-Jada M., Miami, FL
“…It’s a game changer!”
-Rachelle M., San Marcos, CA
“…Making that leap and taking the first step toward financial freedom was the most liberating.”
-Amanda C., Olney Springs, CO

*Robert Kiyosaki will not attend this event.
**Additional products and services will be offered for sale.

at Hilton Garden INN
1771 Rio Rancho BLVD
Rio Rancho, United States

Free Rich Dad Education Workshops Coming to Winnipeg February 16th

Free Rich Dad Education Workshops Coming to Winnipeg February 16th
Event on 2017-02-16 12:30:00
Are you tired of working harder but not getting ahead? Then you need to attend a free workshop sponsored by Rich Dad Education.
Based on the teachings of the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, here’s what you will be introduced to at the workshop:
-The benefits of real estate investing
-Ways to move from “employee” to “entrepreneur”
-The three types of wealth
-Strategies to create long-lasting cash flow from real estate
-Ways to fund your investments using other people’s money
-An action plan to help you take control of your financial future

Following are the dates and locations for the upcoming Winnipeg area Workshops:
Thursday, February 16th, 2017
The Holiday Inn Winnipeg-South
1330 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2B4
12:30 PM- 2:30 PM
6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Free Gift Just for Attending Plus a Chance to Win a Tablet!
Receive a free copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s eye-opening documentary Shooting the Sacred Cows of Money when you attend. Plus, one lucky person will win a tablet each week. You just have to show up to be eligible to win!
The rich don’t work for money. They make money work for them. Discover strategies to help you get started in a new financial direction. Register now for the free event by calling 800-473-9215 or visiting http://richdadeducation.com/ca/FreeWorkshop/Register/?Mid=1-G5WB6&aid=niche&tc=EF0217YWGA

What Others Are Saying About Rich Dad Workshops:
“…Eye opening and life-changing experience.”
-Stephen S., South Sioux City, NE
The knowledge is so valuable…”
-Jada M., Miami, FL
“…It’s a game changer!”
-Rachelle M., San Marcos, CA
“…Making that leap and taking the first step toward financial freedom was the most liberating.”
-Amanda C., Olney Springs, CO

*Robert Kiyosaki will not attend this event.
**Additional products and services will be offered for sale.

at Holiday Inn Winnipeg South
1330 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, Canada

Way Back in Time

Check out these Real Estate Australia images:

Way Back in Time
Real Estate Australia
Image by Jocey K
After we left Clyde headed for Alexandra and called in Como Villa Estate winery and it was most interesting. You really went back in time, never seen anything like it on any other winery’s we have visit. We were told he had a film crew from Australia taking a lot of shots for a documentary. And the wines was really good as well!

March 6, 2014 Alexandra, South Island, New Zealand..

Como Villa Estate Winery specialise in high quality wines situated only 3kms from Alexandra on Earnscleugh Road. The property has unique historical value having had a vineyard before the turn of the century.

Our wine tasting venue is a restored house built in 1865, so our wine tasters walk back in time, over 130 years. Seeing is believing…..

Villa a museum of old artefacts found on the property or purchased to suit real old times.

The Venue is open to the public or by invitation and we specialise in excellent Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, Riesling Wines.
For more info: www.centralotagonz.com/alexandra-clyde/earnscleugh/cellar…

NYC marathon, Oct 2014 – 09
Real Estate Australia
Image by Ed Yourdon
I’m not sure, but I think this is Annie Bersagel.

See the October 30, 2014 New York Times article, "New York Marathon 2014: A Lawyer by Day, a Runner Always"


Once upon a time, I had serious intentions of running the New York marathon. It was back in 1979, and the whole thing was much less formal than it is now. Indeed, it was sufficiently informal that Rosie Ruiz was accidentally given a “finished time” of 2:56:29 for the New York event that year, which qualified her for the 1980 Boston marathon. It was later discovered that she had not run the entire NYC course (nor did she do so up in Boston on April 21, 1980), and her time was ultimately rescinded in both races. Had her times stayed in the record books, her Boston time of 2:31:56 would have been the fastest female time ever in the Boston marathon and the third-fastest female time ever recorded in any marathon…

Informal as the New York marathon was in those ancient days, you still couldn’t just show up at the starting line and expect to be welcomed. On the other hand, all that was necessary to get an official invitation was going down to the main branch of the U.S. Post Office on 34th Street at midnight on some long-forgotten summer night,and waiting in line with a bunch of equally crazy people. I got my entry ticket (or letter, or certificate, or whatever it was) a few days later, and began following a fairly serious training regimen, working my way up to a modest 10-mile race … until a business trip took me to Sydney, Australia for most of the month of August, 1979. Between business and social events, and the cold, wet weather of Sydney’s winter season, I didn’t do any running at all for that whole month … and with my training regimen broken, I wisely decided not to run the marathon at all.

But since then, I’ve always had a fondness for the NYC marathon — especially considering how much it has grown, and what a city-wide celebration it has become. I missed the event in 2013 and 2012, so it has been three years since I watched on the sidelines in 2011. With the promise of cold-but-sunny weather this year, I decided to return once again — and, as in 2011, I positioned myself at roughly the 24.5-mile point, at the beginning of a downhill run at roughly 78th Street, at the side of the Central Park “inner roadway.”

The runners pass by all afternoon, and well into the evening; but it’s a little more difficult to anticipate when the lead runners will reach any particular point. There are now so many participants in the marathon (about 50,000) that the runners are released in “waves,” beginning with those on hand-operated wheelchair/bicycles, and the “elite” women, the elite men, and three or four waves of mere mortals. There was an additional delay this year, because the headwinds were so strong that the initial wave had great difficulty propelling their wheeled vehicles up over the “hump” of the Tappan Zee bridge. So if you’re standing somewhere along the route, at the 10-mile mark, or the 20-mile mark, or (as I was) the 24.5 mile mark, you can only guess at the moment when the lead runners — or a friend or family member whom you want to cheer onward to the finish line — might be coming near you.

On the other hand, there are some clues. Helicopters hover above the lead runners, low enough that you can hear the roar of their blades; and there are two or three waves of police cars and motorcycles zooming ahead of the runners, pushing people back to the sidelines, and ensuring that there are no disruptions or obstacles to slow them down. Then — and it’s always an adrenaline rush! — you see the official race car, driving just a few feet ahead of the lead runners, with a huge race clock mounted on its roof, showing those fast-moving runners the exact number of hours, minutes, and seconds since they started their journey back at the edge of Staten Island.

The lead runners, of whom there are often two or three or four even up to the last mile, are often several minutes ahead of the next ones; but those who are in positions three, four, five or ten, and who will get no recognition at all from the press, the media, or the crowd when they finish … well, they still run as if their lives depend on it. And the crowd cheers them on, clapping and calling out their names and urging them onward.

One of the differences I noticed this year was the widespread use of bicycle horns and cow-bells that the onlookers used to create a cacophony of merry noise; I don’t know if the runners took it as a sign of encouragement, but it sure sounded that way to me …

I stayed longer than I had intended, and took several hundred more photos that I had planned … but they’re all just bits on the camera’s digital memory card, so it doesn’t really matter. One might argue that I should have stayed for eight or ten hours, until the last runner had straggled by. And perhaps I should have photographed each of the 50,000 runners, for I’m sure they each had their own story to tell. But after a while, it gets overwhelming — and the faces and bodies and brightly colored shirts and tights and shoes begin to blur…

I think I got a representative collection of photos; and the video clips will give you a sense of the noise and the motion of what seemed like an endless stream of humanity racing past … but to really understand it, you need to be there in person. Barring a crippling storm (like Hurricane Sandy, which forced the cancellation of the 2012 marathon), you’ll find another crowd of 50,000 runners racing through Central Park at the end of next year’s marathon, on the first Sunday in November. And with any luck, I’ll be there with my camera …

Who knows: maybe even Rosie Ruiz will be there, too. It turns out that she was arrested in 1982 for embezzling ,000 from a real estate company where she worked; after a week in jail and a sentence of five years’ probation, she moved back to south Florida, where she was arrested in 1983 for her involvement in a cocaine deal. But as of the year 2000, she still insisted that she had run the entire 1980 Boston marathon. C’est la vie…

Image from page 277 of “The California weekly” (1908)

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Image from page 277 of “The California weekly” (1908)
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Identifier: californiaweekly22610sanf
Title: The California weekly
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Subjects: Progressivism (United States politics)
Publisher: San Francisco, Cal. : California Weekly, Inc.
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
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fig-ured out that, this year, in California, underthis law. a candidate may expend ,580 tomake the race for nomination for a state officeor for United States senator, and he can not.under the law-, exptnd a dollar more eitherdirectly or indirectly. Each candidate mustfile with the of?icer whose duty- it is to issuea certificate of nomination a certified and item-ized statement of all moneys expended byhim, or bji any person or association of per-sons iw his behalf, and must do it within 28days after the primary election has been held.No certificate of nomination is to be issueduntil such statement has been filed. THEOSOPHICAL LITERATURE. CENTURY PATH (Illustrated Weekly),edited by Katherine Tingley; TheosophicalManuals and other Theosophical literature ofthe UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD ANDTHEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, Point Loma.California, now on sale by Smith Bros., 46213th Street, Oakland, and by A. M. Robert-son, 222 Stockton Street, San Francisco. W. D. Pennimore J. W. Davlfl A. R. Kennimoi

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Makers of the new improved KRYPTOK Invisible Bifocal Lenses181 Post Street, near Grant Ave M M ^n IH^ ^3 W^m 4(j^fei*- i^^jnt**^*^ ^ TeUPHOHti MARKET 13 . „ 14 COR 13– & MISSION STS. Real Estate and Insuram; Anything in the real estate line is our buiimi O. E. HOTLE 8c CO. Agents for out-of-town owners; renti <■ lected, etc. 1172 BROADWAY OAKLAND. C/. Hartford Fire Ins. Co. Atlas Assurance Co TAYLOR BROS. CO. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Tel^: ().-.klaM.l 950 OAKLAND ffome .A 3950 1236 Broadwa; TRAIN YOUR BOYS ANDGIRLS FOR BUSINESS ONE WEEKS POSITIONS FILLED: One in R. R. Co.s employ, salary .00 One in R. R. Co.s employ, salary 65.00 One in Wholesale Firm, salary 50.00 One in Retail Firm, salary, per week. .- 12.50 Several at from .00 to .00 per month. ^ Let us prepare your Boys and Girls. We can place every graduate of HEALDS BUSINESS COLLEGE 425 McAllister stri:et, san francisco 16tK and SAN PABLO STREETS. OAKLAND

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Abandoned, decaying, and partially submerged building at Salton Sea Beach
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Once a hot real estate market in the 1950’s and 1960’s, property surrounding the Salton Sea is now some of the cheapest real estate available in southern California.

The Salton Sea was once a popular place for boating, swimming, fishing, etc., but an increase in the salt level of the water caused large numbers of fish to die and the water became foul. This, in addition to a couple of hurricanes in the 1970’s, caused the communities surrounding the sea to deteriorate.


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will build to suit
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